Vollmann Pro

Who we are

We specialize in creating audio-visual content. From documentaries, basic tutorials/infomercials/explanatory like animations, to governmental and corporate interviews and aerial cinematography.
We like to create ideas from scratch and support our Partners in demystifying complex issues to transport them into audio-visual stories.
We are interested in stories from, for and about the People, their Rights as Humans, Climate Change, Cities, Urbanization and Resilience and amongst these - impactful stories that enrich and improve Society and its People.
We are not just our up-to-date technical equipment. We are a very flexible, multinational Team with knowledge in Political Science, Film and Design, Marketing, Journalism, Photography and we have global country level experience.
We have had the pleasure of working together with several Governmental institutions and organizations, local municipalities, international organizations, NGOs and Ministries. For example together with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, the European Union, GIZ, the Civil Peace Service, the Rwandan Ministry of Health and  Ministry of Culture, Rwanda Legacy of Hope, the City of Belmopan/Belize, the City of Montego Bay/Jamaica, the City of Chengdu/China, the United Nations; UNEP, UNODC, UN-Habitat, UNESCO and ILO. We’ve also had the privilege of working together with every day People to document something about their lives.
Film is life, just without the dull scenes.